Meet Sadah from The Twisted World

The following is a sample from the first part of our soon to be released fantasy novel series, The Twisted World.

The Aframi are from Afram, also known as the Dark Continent in the world of Su Nobieta. The world of Su Nobieta is interesting because it bears not one, but five moons that orbit it. Because of this strange phenomenon, Afram happens to be positioned in just the right place to where it is cloaked in almost perpetual darkness year round, save for a small seasonal window. Normally the Aframi live in caves deep below the surface of their land as it is safer, but the most vicious of creatures retreat during that seasonal time, and the Aframi come top side.


Rabbit in the Road Anniversary Freebie Giveaway: The Customer Is Not Always Right, But Is Most Important

*Oprah totally did not read this book, does not endorse it, and probably has no clue what it is. But photoshop hilarity is fun.

This weekend is the 1 year anniversary of Rabbit in the Road being released (specifically, October the 14th)! Because of that, I thought it would make good sense for us to come out of our hidey-holes and talk and do some fun stuff!  I decided that the best course of action would be to… give it to you guys for free again all weekend! That’s right, same as before. No catches, no funny stuff. Just go grab it and enjoy it (and by the way, I’ve already seen what it looks like on the Kindle Fire HD; it looks FANTASTIC).

But there’s more! We also decided to drop the price of the paperback PERMANENTLY to $9.99! Wow! (more…)

Customer Service #2: Rabbit in the Road Technical Difficulties

This is a public service announcement. An issue was just reported to me and I want to know if anyone else is experiencing it.

I’m hearing that some copies of Rabbit in the Road are corrupted on their download. Of the two reports that I’ve gotten, one was that the first page of the book repeated 75 times, and the second report is that the book suddenly ends halfway through.

Of the 12,000 units that went out, I have seen 14 units be “refunded”, and I reckon this is that issue manifesting itself.

If you are experiencing bizarre behavior like this, the first thing that pops  into my mind as a solution is to just delete the file itself from your device (do NOT remove it from your account!), and re-download it. So long as you don’t remove it from your account, it SHOULD be perfectly fine and it should re-download CORRECTLY. I’ve personally checked the integrity of the file myself just now, going through it line by line and there’s nothing weird going on there. It appears to be an isolated event (It seems to be happening to 0.11% of the downloads), so I’m pretty certain that this is an issue on Amazon’s end.

Please share this with your friends and what not, and definitely have them use this post to let me know if they experienced any similar issues.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I am in the business of customer service. I care, WE CARE, and if you’re not happy, WE’RE NOT HAPPY. 


P.S. Thanks for the tip, Bill!

Between Him and Her Fireside Chat #1

So last week, we queried folks to send us questions for our regular writing discussions, under the pretense that we’d record it and share these dialogues with the lot of you. People actually showed up and delivered, so we did too!

The discussion clocks in at just a little over an hour and a half and it’s a good time. You should listen to us. Warning: The content is not safe for work, because we both cuss like drunken sailors in our regular dialogue. We talk a little bit about everything, from Star Trek to The Time Machine to The Lord of the Rings, to working with test readers and working on The Dusk Harbinger, to things we love to things we hate, and we say some funny shit every now and again.

Alternatively, You can download it HERE through mediafire! It’s an 88mb mp3, so I hope you have some space!


You Are In The Business Of Customer Service or; The Buck Stops With You

Howdy gang! Wanted to talk about an important issue today that just happened here over New Year’s Day leading through to today. Namely, the issue of customer service. I can tell you that so far, this is the first major problem we’ve encountered regarding end customer issues with picking up Rabbit in the Road.  The reason I bring this up, is because you are the FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE on customer satisfaction. It’s not the guy that ships a customer’s order, and it’s not the vendor of your product. It’s YOU.

Whether you understand it or not, you are a manufacturer of product. You are the wordsmith, you are the one that puts the words down, you are the one that puts that product into a position so that it can be consumed by a readership. You need to be willing to not only take responsibility, but also fight on behalf of the people who WANT to partake in your experience, even if it isn’t necessarily your fault.


Rabbit In The Hand Worth Two In The Bush

Click On The Picture for Video!

I received the proof copy of Rabbit in the Road today, and have checked over it thoroughly. Therefore, I am giving it my blessing. You can go buy it RIGHT NOW! Yes, that is me. And yes, I have a crazy voice. But now you can see what you’re getting before you buy. Retail price is $12.99 USD.

Of course, you will also be able to purchase it through Amazon as well, but I have no ETA on when it will propagate to the normal store, maybe  a week from now or more. So if you’re REALLY trying to make the Christmas clock, you can order it right now, and the shipping is quite speedy.

As an extra treat, if you order it now, just apply this discount code when you check out:  X9RCNLCE


Lecture Series~ Building Narrative with Oliver 101: The 3 Prime Evils and Their Sub-Types

Today’s lecture will deal with the 3 primary types of Evil you will encounter in fiction.

Now, when I say evil, I don’t mean in the abstract, difficult to define good and evil. For the sake of clarity, whenever I address good and evil, I am speaking specifically of it in regards to convenience (benefits the protagonist) and inconvenience (either harms or otherwise deters the protagonist in some way). Why? Because good and evil have less letters, that’s why! (more…)

Rabbit in the Road

Surprise! I promised that we would reveal the title of the book today, and I don’t like disappointing.  The title of our novella is Rabbit in the Road.

In 1966, there is a record store clerk who loves her life just like it is. One night, on a train, she meets the man who is the key to unlocking her latent psychic abilities, something she never thought possible. She then spends the next fourteen years of her life trying to get away from him by any means necessary.