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Twisted World Book I: The Dusk Harbinger Sample Available For Your Consumption!


It’s been a long, LONG time coming (4 years, actually. WOW), but today is the day that we start the gravy train on this. As of right now, the first 10% of The Dusk Harbinger is up and available for you to read, FOR FREE. No catches or anything ridiculous. Just jump on over to the sample page and enjoy it.

We’ll see you in July when the full book is released!

Enjoy, won’t you?

~Oliver & Danika

An Introduction to the Twisted World

Picture unrelated, but I thought it was fitting. Totally not the world in the Twisted World.

So previously, we shared an incredibly small snippet of a single character from The Twisted World fantasy series. Looks like people have already taken a shine to Kurt Kathan (as expected; he’s kinda fucking cool, and that’s not tooting my own horn. He just seems like an interesting guy).

But where did all this come from? How does it all relate? Where does it all connect? Twisted World? Erons? Fantasy? What the shit is this shit, you ask? Ease down my little tigers, I’ll tell you. First, lets go over the facts BEFORE we go over the fiction. Settle in for a lengthy little read here and you tell ME whether you’re excited or not.