Meet Sadah, Again: This Is What She Looks Like


I know it’s been some time since I’ve had much to say over yonder, but I thought I would pop on by and say hello.

It’s been a very busy place in the land of Danika and Oliver, and way more than I could ever fit into an individual blog post. Nevertheless, I wanted to take the time to come and share a big moment for us.

When I first sat down and started conceptualizing The Twisted World years ago, I had a very clear cut picture in my head for each of the principle characters, and even associated colors with them. Kathan would be blue; royal, true and strong. Piotr would be green; not yet cynical, young and full of potential. Sadah would be red; provocative, angry, yet full of heart. Each of these characters is represented in the triskelion on the cover of The Twisted World, and each book will focus on an aspect of each of them. I spent several years slowly combing over the internet in a search for art and music that captured these ideas and kept them front and center as the first story was being told.

It was then that I stumbled across Justin Cherry, aka Nivbed. It was a single piece of art that completely surrounded one of those aspects of Sadah that reeled me, his ‘Shir the Sung’:


Justin Cherry tends to be an amazingly vague, enigmatic, and fantastic artist. I can’t tell you how many nights I spent studying this piece of his and what it had to say (and didn’t say at all). I saw a lot contained within Shir. Her legs and torso describe her power without sacrificing her femininity, her choice of weapon denoted her dangerousness yet her eyes were inviting at the same time. Her garb, jewelry and hair told me that she wasn’t wild, but tribal; simultaneously filled with information yet an unknown to those that might’ve encountered her. Everything about Sadah was born from this picture, I just merely injected soul into her form and made her a person you could know and how she came to be.

Hence, we come to Twitter.

In an off-chance and out of the few times Justin pops out of wherever he goes to do art in his mind, he made a very brief update on Twitter, and I responded and let him know what was born from his own work.  Now that I have the ability to write a bit longer than what Twitter provides, I can tell you this beyond a shadow of a doubt:

If I can speak of and tell you about The Twisted World, Justin Cherry sees inside of it.

This is why it makes me very, very proud (and emotional) to show you exactly Sadah; this is her. This is her essence, this is her anger, and her passion. This is her allure visualized, and I can tell you that it is accurate. Say hello.


Those of you who know, this is the “something dangerous in the dark.”

Thank you, Justin.


Justin Cherry on Twitter

Justin Cherry on Tumblr

Justin Cherry’s Prints For Sale

Justin Cherry’s Gallery


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