Defining And Conquering Fear


The thing that draws people subconsciously to Batman is that Batman has taken his life fears and transmogrified them into a weapon. A tool, as it were.

Let’s have a conversation today. Let’s talk a little bit about fear.

You may have heard me say this a few times before: “Courage isn’t having a lack of fear. Courage is continuing to act in the FACE of fear.”

But let’s REALLY think about that, for a moment. What is fear? Fear is a good thing. Every human being is built with a fear center. Fear was not designed to be something to CRIPPLE you; That’s an abomination of its original purpose. No, fear was designed to be a MOTIVATOR, to kick you into high gear. Think about it.  The trigger of fight or flight response. Fear was designed to force you to take ACTION. People frequently confuse caution and fear as being the same thing. They are not.

People fear death. And what do we do? We do everything possible to prevent it. We eat, sleep, perform maintenance on our bodies, and so forth, all with the intention of preventing death. Your fear of death, is what drives you to LIVE.

Why does one get up, and go work a job to make that money? Simple, really. A fear of not having enough, of not being able to handle your own most basic of necessities.

Why does the singer sing, the artist draw, or the writer, write? I won’t presume to speak for the others, but I can tell you why I write; A fear of being forgotten, and being unfulfilled.

Rather than sitting around, being afraid of my inevitable passing, I instead decided to DO something about it. The fear of vanishing into the annals of history and not being any sort of footnote was enough to get me up and moving forward.

Every time you sit down to work on a project, or your writing, you shouldn’t be thinking, “I’ll never finish this because I’m afraid people are going to judge me.” I’ve got bad news for you; People are ALWAYS going to judge you on everything that you do. Hell, I’m judging you RIGHT NOW because you’re sitting there NOT finishing things that you’ve started, because you were afraid of being judged.

So, you avoided not finishing something, out of fear of judgment. And yet, you were just judged anyhow. The very thing you were trying to avoid, just became true not because of your action, but your inaction.

With just a little bit of thought and a change of perspective, you can make your fear not a crutch, but a tool for SUCCESS. What do you have to lose?


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