Happy, Grateful New Year (a personal post)

I don’t talk about my life a whole lot, but I can’t properly start this new year without unburdening a debt I owe- a debt of gratitude. My last year was all set to be a disaster. There’s no other way I can describe it. Everything aligned to put my life in the toilet. Lucky for me, I know the right people.


(Last names are omitted as most of my friends are modest sillybutts who will act shy and weird about this. You still know who you are.)

Jayme: If you ever call in all the favors I owe you, I will probably have to rob a  bank or kill somebody. You’ve been there to help with the little stuff, the really huge stuff, and everything in between. You throw all of your time into making my life better and you’ve never complained. There isn’t a word to describe how grateful I am.

Rachel: First of all, watching you evolve over the last year has been mind blowing. You’re an exceptional troll, a savvy conversationalist, and you are so much fun when you’re drunk. The transformation has been amazing. Second, you’re always a soft spot when life got too hard for Oliver. You never turn him away when he needs someone to listen, and you never let him feel bad for needing help. He always comes back stronger for having spent time with you. You saved him when he needed you. Thank you.

Katie and Carl: I can’t talk about you guys separately because you’re such a symbiotic organism. You guys are cheese and crackers, always together. There is no discussion about how lucky we’ve been that does not include talking about you two. Meeting you guys was the first time I didn’t feel lonely here. You welcomed us in like family, took care of us like family, and repeatedly overwhelmed us with your generosity. Your family has gone above and beyond for us as well, and I’m so glad to know all of you. The things you’ve done for us gave us the ability to move our life forward, and that gave me hope. Hope wasn’t in huge supply last year, and I was so fortunate to have you guys offering a constant hope-feed.

Joe and Ryvenna: Another symbiotic organism… Late night hang-outs are a prescription for sanity, and every time I need a refill, there you are. You guys support our work in a way that amazes me. You never waver. When I’m about to lose my shit, I know I can pick up the phone or jump on the computer and you’ll be there to keep me in one piece. Having you guys here for our wedding could not have been more perfect, and the loan of your parents was a joyful accident. It was a beautiful day, in no small part to the unbelievable effort all of you made. I am so excited to start the new year working with you again. It’s something my heart needs. 

Jim and Sara: Symbiotes again. When Oliver reached out and said the shit had hit the fan, your response was immediate and overwhelming. You opened your wallet in a huge way and threw money at my problems until they went away. You opened your home in the HUGEST way and gave us a safe space to recover. Because of your help I have a job I like for the first time in my life. I have back-up for all the big shit, and I have a ton of help with all the little shit. It has been an absurd amount of fun: chasing cats, watching certain people poplock, hassling the little bean, ganging up on Sara and teasing her until she turns red. I’m thankful for the rescue, and I’m thankful I got to know you better. Please don’t call in all the favors I owe you at once- I’ll still be incarcerated for robbing a bank for Jayme.

Dad and Kerry: This might sound stupid, but I’m completely serious. Thank you for being so fucking normal and so fucking nice. Thank you for being dependable and consistent. You guys like us when we’re good, bad, or anything. You just like us. It doesn’t have crazy conditions or rules that I can’t understand. I know I can count on it. At exactly the right moment, you guys were normal, and it made the crazy seem so stupid and petty; it put it all back in perspective. It was precisely what I needed and I am grateful. I hope you guys know I like you in exactly the same way.

Obe: I hope I don’t have to say anything. I hope you already know. I hope you know the sun rises and sets with your smile, and my world doesn’t turn without you. I’m grateful for every bit of you.

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