You Like Rabbit in the Road? Okay, Show Me.


So, Rabbit in the Road. It’s been out for over a year now. Over 25,000 downloads on Amazon, great reviews and many happy customers. Do you think that Rabbit in the Road deserves a bigger audience? If so, then I’d like to ask you to prove it.

One of the things that has been expressed to me over and over again is, “How come you don’t have a publisher?” Simple. It’s because I believe that in today’s day and age, a publisher is no longer necessary to reach the audience. We now have the tools, and ability as creators to get our work out in front of a larger audience than we would have in the past, because the barrier to entry has essentially been removed.

Harper Collins has seen and recognized this fact, and so they have started a new system a few years ago to address this, called Authonomy. Those of you who are into PC gaming will understand this concept pretty much immediately as I explain it.

Authonomy is like Steam Greenlight; What Harper Collins has done, is they are utilizing the “crowd” (i.e. YOU) to tell THEM what you want to see upfront and center. Through Authonomy, authors (published and unpublished, even independent) are able to post either their works in progress or finished (or even portions of a completed work) material. The crowd, the audience gets to vote on the very best material that they think is worthy of Harper Collins attention. Spread out over a month’s time, the top 5 rated books will make it to the DESK OF A HARPER COLLINS EDITOR for reading and review.

Through this method, new talent is able to be discovered and fostered. If you wanted to see us get someone’s attention with our work, THIS is how it gets done.

So how does it work? Simple. When you go to Authonomy, you simply need to rate the book, and add it to your “bookshelf.” What this does is it shows the rest of the community what you think of the title, as well as why they should pay attention to it. You can leave comments, and much more.

So are you a fan? Do you think that we have what it takes to go the distance? People always talk about “I’m just one person, what can I do?” THIS is that time. Your voice actually counts; it matters.

The first THREE chapters of Rabbit in the Road are up there right now, free to read for whomever wants them. So what am I asking you to do? I’m asking you to TELL a big publisher that you DO love the book, and you want to see MORE of us, and in a bigger venue. Does this mean we’ll get a publishing deal? No, not necessarily. Does this mean that we’ll go with a publisher? No, it doesn’t mean that either. What it DOES mean is that you, THE PEOPLE, are in control and are telling a big publisher what YOU want to see.

“But Oliver!” you might say. “What about my friends who haven’t read the book at all? I say, okay. The book is FREE this weekend on Amazon, like before. I know a bunch of you probably got Kindles for Christmas, so this is a great way to crack that beast open with something good. So that takes away their excuse.

“BUT WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” you might ask.

Fair enough. Everybody wants a little something for their time, right? Okay, I’ll bite.

Should this campaign over the next month be successful, here’s what I’ll do. Our next book, the first in the three part fantasy epic The Twisted World. What I will do, is IF we pull this off and get unprecedented participation to put us up in the top 5…

I will make sure that the VERY first weekend that The Twisted World: The Dusk Harbinger is available for sale, it will be ABSOLUTELY FREE for everyone. 

That’s it. Believe me when I say that it will be worth your time. The book is finished, so you’re not betting against “maybes.” The book is going through post-editing, and polishing. When I make promises, I make it a point to keep them. If you do me a solid, I will make sure to do everyone the same in return. The only thing I ask of you, is a couple of minutes of your time and a few mouse clicks. Surely you’ve got a few of those to spare, right? Post a link, share with friends and family, let them know they can GET THE BOOK FOR FREE, and for just a minute or two of your time, we’ll all benefit.

Rabbit in the Road on Authonomy <— will take you to Rabbit in the Road’s Authonomy Page.

So, let’s go make some noise.



  1. I will go visit the Authonomy page (maybe it’s too late, but hey – I just found this post!). My question is – when are you coming out with the sequel? I have been looking for it since I first finished the book, and have not found mention of it yet. Are you writing it?

    1. We’re totally writing it, Patricia.

      Both the prequel and sequel are already planned and blocked out. The prequel will deal with Shurlock John and his younger years and will tell the story of WHY he’s out there in the middle of nowhere. Let me put it this way:

      He can’t leave. For a very, very important reason.

      The sequel deals with Franklin Ross’ son (Bevie’s first boyfriend, if you’ll recall).

      However, right now we’re trying to get through finishing up with The Dusk Harbinger, and taking it through edits, so (fingers crossed) we’ll be putting out two books this year!

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