An Anniversary Missed and Surgery

Hey folks, Mr. Oliver here. It’s been a while, so I thought I would get you caught up to speed.

So it appears that our 1 year anniversary of running this blog was last month. Whoops! Super exciting, but we missed it for a good reason.

If you didn’t know already, way back in January during a routine dental visit it was revealed to me that I had an unknown mass lurking inside of my sinuses. The past 9 months have been, for lack of a better description, emotional hell.

Combine that with moving all the way across the country to Washington State and all the way BACK to Iowa while dealing with that hasn’t been a lick of fun at all!

However, after fighting for 9 months to get the medical industry to even pay attention to me, I finally had surgery in my head (inside of the maxillary sinus, to be specific) to get the mass removed last week. Here is a very gross picture of me all swollen up post surgery.

Storing up for the winter.


Surgery was crazy, but I had some good support for that. Just had my follow up with my surgeon after the fact and I’ve got a clean bill of health, and the pathology came back on the mass (just a cyst and not cancerous in any way), so looks like I’ll be able to get back on the horse here soon enough.

Well, technically I AM back on the horse since I’m writing this post, but let’s not argue semantics here and instead look at my handsome mug, 9 days after surgery.

Back to being a Handsome Dan. Depending on who you’re asking. Also, I’m pretty sure my name isn’t Dan.

That being said, more miniature bad news: Obviously, The Dusk Harbinger got delayed as I was bogged down in doctor appointment on top of doctor appointment. The book was SUPPOSED to be out in July, and guess what? It isn’t.

I fucked up, and for that, I apologize.

I realize that yeah, when it comes to health, whatever is going to happen is going to happen and you don’t get to have control of those kinds of things, but I still feel like I failed in my responsibility to get my product out when I thought it was going to be out.

That being said, we’re still working very, very hard on it and I have my fingers crossed to get it done in time for the 1 year anniversary of Rabbit in the Road.

When all is said and done, I am glad that we started what we’ve started, and I hope that we get to continue doing this for a long time still. The last year was hard and heavy with me being injured and ill and surgeries galore, but I guess I CAN say… if we can put out a book with me falling apart, then YOU can put one out without being sick!

I hope that we keep getting to deliver interesting and exciting content to you.

So uh… Happy Anniversary. If you have a noisemaker handy, you can blow it belatedly.


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