2nd Time Around the Block: Test Reading The Dusk Harbinger

I was test reading books before it was cool. And before internet.

We’re back again. So what have we been up to during our strange absence?

Well, it’s simple. We’ve started test reading again for the next book, The Dusk Harbinger. Only 6 months after Rabbit in the Road came out? THAT’S CRAZY TALK, you might say.

Surprise, I’m a little crazy.

We learned a lot from going through the process of getting Rabbit in the Road done, test read, and released to the general public. So it’s no surprise that we’re going to build from the successes of before and add more to it this time, refining and making it better.

The most important thing that we gained from releasing Rabbit wasn’t money; it was STREET CREDIBILITY. When we sit down and say, “Hey, we’ve got a book coming out,” people don’t roll their eyes and humor us and fake being polite. Now they know that we’re serious.

It should go without saying that because of this, the test reading group is at least twice as big as the group was for Rabbit. We’ve also upgraded the whole thing to collect new information that is more than likely going to be invaluable in the long run. Some of the new people are still a little shaky like some new born foal and are even a little intimidated, but I’m pretty sure that they’re just going to fall right into the process as we go along.

As more and more sections go out and we get more and more feedback, we’re going to talk a helluva lot more about our sophomore trip around the block. So… keep your eyes peeled!



If you happened to miss out on the Rabbit in the Road giveaway from a few weeks back, don’t feel bad. There’s going to be another one coming up here soon in a few weeks!

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