Between Him and Her Fireside Chat #1

So last week, we queried folks to send us questions for our regular writing discussions, under the pretense that we’d record it and share these dialogues with the lot of you. People actually showed up and delivered, so we did too!

The discussion clocks in at just a little over an hour and a half and it’s a good time. You should listen to us. Warning: The content is not safe for work, because we both cuss like drunken sailors in our regular dialogue. We talk a little bit about everything, from Star Trek to The Time Machine to The Lord of the Rings, to working with test readers and working on The Dusk Harbinger, to things we love to things we hate, and we say some funny shit every now and again.

Alternatively, You can download it HERE through mediafire! It’s an 88mb mp3, so I hope you have some space!



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