Okay, Let’s Talk About Talkin’

Happy Terrible Monday morning to you all. This is also what we look like when we don’t look like crazy hobos. Anywho! Let’s talk shop. So apparently, we like writing this useful blog about writing. Also apparently, you guys like READING this blog about writing. So, we’re going to talk about that.

It should be fairly obvious by now that Danika and I talk a lot about story. Not just with other people, but between us. That’s the title of the blog, geddit?

When I say talk, I don’t mean idle chit-chat either. We’re not in the business of making noise for the sake of noise. No, we’ll get into 3-4 hour long discussions because they’re pretty damn enlightening, I think. Highly unfortunate for you lot, because you totally missed the amazing discussion we had about the problems of the new Star Wars trilogy narrative wise, and how a few minor tweaks, WITHOUT cutting out scenes, could have turned that entire trilogy on its ear to rival the original trilogy.

This is actually interesting, because when I sat down to create this blog originally, it was my intention that we’d have these chats in some capacity and share them with you folks, but I just hadn’t gotten around to figuring out how I wanted to go about doing it. So, it was fairly surprisingly when one of our most important lurkers actually brought it up to me in conversation. Specifically, he asked “So like, when are you guys going to do something like a fireside chat and we can listen in?”

Ergo, here we are.  Youtube was suggested, and we certainly do have the equipment to record and share those chats with you guys. There’s only one problem, and that’s where you, yes YOU, come into play.

What the hell do you want us to talk about?  

So, I highly suggest that you tell us down in the comments below. Any question you can think of regarding narrative, Rabbit, the next few books, us, or whatever. Questions for me, questions for her, anything. Just throw them in there, and we’ll talk about it and upload it for your ear pleasure.

Rumors state that I have a pretty amazing speaking voice (that is, when it’s not cracked and broken from crying or I’m sick as a dog), so you should get on that. I’ll add in a bonus treat: If you guys actually ask things, I’ll be sure to say something ridiculously inappropriate and funny during the chat. Contrary to popular belief, I am notoriously silly.

So what are you waiting for? I want that comment section filled right up. And if there’s nothing there, I will be the saddest kid in grade number two. You don’t want that, do you?




    1. We have yet to get secret married. And if we were, we wouldn’t tell you, because then it wouldn’t be secret-married anymore. I think if we got married, it wouldn’t ever be a secret. Ever. 😀

  1. I’ve been think of what to ask for a whole day, and I can’t come up with anything that wouldn’t sound pedantic and pedestrian. You have a skill at story-telling that is amazing. I admit, I find you both a bit intimidating.

    1. Believe me when I say it Bill, there is absolutely nothing intimidating about us. Well, nothing intimidating about her. I’m a pitbull, though. I kid.

      This will probably be the funniest thing I ever say on this blog, but believe me when I say I’m a regular ol’ asshole just like everyone else. I just spend a lot of time thinking about the how’s and why’s that make me one.

      You can ask anything. Doesn’t matter how pedantic or pedestrian it is, or even obtuse, or even in the case of Family Guy, acute.

      1. “Rabbit in the Road” was set at various times in the past. How difficult (or easy) was it for you to keep it time specific, ie no inadvertent out of place cultural or technological references?

        Oliver, if I recall correctly, you mentioned a hatred of tropes, are there any tropes that you secretly excite you (if written well)? For instance I love a good “bad guy tries to go good” story, but admit that it is a cliche that fails all to often. Is there one trope that You and Danika would like to do well or one that you would like to turn on its ear?

        When writing a story, how do you avoid getting lost in the details?

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