Two Steps Forward…

So the work in progress, code named “LH”, is underway. I know where we’re going, and I know what to do next…and it’s still not quite right.

I’m not here to bitch, though.  I’m  just here to say I know what it’s like to hit that icky, rough patch. I’m here to tell anyone who feels like they’re  stuck in the same quicksand, “You’re not alone”. 

Sometimes being stuck isn’t anything so glamorous as writer’s block. Sometimes being stuck is just…that. It’s just a rough, cruddy little patch that isn’t going to smooth itself out. You can turn it into a block if you wanted, I guess. I mean, you could take a car with a flat tire and haul it to the salvage yard if you wanted. Just junk the bitch and call it done. If you wanted…

I’m not going to preach and tell you how perfect I am, or how I’m never seized by doubt, or hounded by worries. I’m not impervious to discouragement or unable to be worn down by life’s little cares.

But there are two kinds of writers in this world.

There are those who would write, but

And there are those who do write, in spite of

My pissy little problems aren’t reasons to stop working on my dream. They’re excuses, and as such, worthless.  I write “in spite of”. The story isn’t working, keep writing. The hours are long, keep writing. The this, the that, the other, keep writing.

Keep writing because your life isn’t right if you don’t, instead of waiting for your life to be right so you can.


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