NaNoWriMo Panic? Don’t!

So NaNo starts tomorrow, and you know you want to, and you know you have 1,667 words to knock out every single day, and there’s also work, and school, and kids and friends and lovers and ….

Deep breath.

November is a tough time to embark on a writing marathon, and the NaNo folks know that.  That’s why this NaNo is about quantity, not quality. Just put your head down and write to the finish. But what if you don’t want to spend all that time writing something that is just about word count? What if you want to do some storytelling, too?

Look no  further. All month, we’ll be posting story crafting articles in our Lecture series.  What’s a lecture? Oliver will sit you down and break story straight down for you, explaining in plain English the methods and the characters with which traditional and modern narratives are built. Story hasn’t changed a lot in hundreds of years, just the topics. Once you’re comfortable with the building blocks, you’ll know how to construct any kind of story. Just like Legos, once you have the pieces, you can build anything.

Want to figure out why some movies, books, TV shows, and anime catch you around the throat and don’t let go?  Want to learn how to do that to your audience? Catch the Lecture series and our other posts. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to generate content worth a damn, not just worth a word count. The rest, however, will be up to you.


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