One Week of Perfect Rabbit in the Road Customer Reviews!

First off, I’d like to say: Sorry for the absence! It goes without saying it’s been a very, VERY busy week in Oliver and Danika land. But as usual, here I am popping up to let you know a few things and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting.

Rabbit in the Road
has been out on sale on Amazon for a week now, and frankly, I’m pretty surprised at all the reviews it’s getting right out the gate. So, I thought I’d share those with you! More importantly, these reviews aren’t coming from reviewers; They’re coming from verified Amazon purchasers, actual readers.  And to me, personally, those reviews mean a whole lot more.

These aren’t just people who are given a book and saying whether or not it’s good; these are people who have legitimately invested their own time and money, and really believe in the product. Those are the people whom I appreciate the most, and I can’t be any more grateful to them than I already am.  I could go on, but I’d rather let these fine people speak for themselves:

‎”I’ve read a lot of books in my life. Several I’ve read twice. Two I’ve read three times, and “Rabbit in the Road” was one of them.”

‎”It appeals to fans of multiple genres, evokes strong feelings in readers, and is filled with vivid imagery that paints a brilliant world in your mind, all while staying familiar and close to home.”

‎”I haven’t read anything like this in a long time, and I will read it again and again.”

‎”This book had me from the first page. Once I started it I couldn’t put it down.”

‎”I couldn’t wait to see what happened next and the ending took me by complete surprise. This will always be on my list of books to read.”

‎”…this book shows that it was written by people who struggled and anguished over every word and comma. People who love reading, who love words. This is a book for readers by readers. “

These reviews, and more, can be found right on the product page for Rabbit in the Road. But wait! There’s MORE! We’re going to do a little contest.

Upon receipt of our 10th 5-Star Review on Amazon , we are going to give away a free copy of Rabbit to the FIRST PERSON WHO POSTS A LINK TO THAT REVIEW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW. That’s it, that’s all it takes. Have a friend who read it and hasn’t left a review? This would be your opportunity!



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