Breathless: A Rabbit in the Road Excerpt

One last tiny little teaser before we release the newborn out into the world. Have fun!

-Oliver and Dani

He squeezed. I saw spots, flashing lights in front of my eyes. I kicked back with my heel, met only air. I toppled, lost my balance. I dangled with only his crushing grip to hold me. My throat was on fire, my lungs begging to empty, feeling stretched tight, overfull. I grabbed his wrists and ran my feet up the corrugated wall, kicking off with both of them as hard as I could. He staggered, toppling like a felled tree as we tumbled backwards.

I landed on top of him, flat on my back. I heard a muffled snap and then his hands were gone. I could breathe. I slid onto the floor, and rolled over on my knees. The sound of my breath was wet, shredded. He thrashed, struggling to get up. A thin stream of blood ran from the corner of his mouth. I knelt at his side, the screwdriver raised high in both hands. I could still feel his unstoppable grip on my neck. I brought the screwdriver down as hard as I could, business-end first.

He saw it coming, turned his head at the last moment. He cried out my name. I drove it into his ear, up to the handle. Blood welled up in my fists. I sank back on my heels and watched his body dance and convulse, his feet pounding on the floor. His hands reached up once, grasped at something I couldn’t see. He fell back, used up.

I think I was crying, I’m not sure. I was trembling all over, and put my hands over my face. The iron-filled smell of blood made my head swim.

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