Goodbye, Rabbit

Finishing is so scary. I knew it would be, but I’m still surprised by how much.  It’s the last week of work on Rabbit in the Road, and it’s time to say goodbye.  We’ve never sent a baby of ours out into the world quite like this. I’m not sure how to feel yet.

It feels great that it’s done. Done is a big deal, a big hang-up. It’s a milestone for me, personally, and a point of pride for Oliver. But done is scary, too. It can’t be fiddled with indefinitely, or edited again, or reworked to try to hit the right notes… It just is what it is now, and I have to let go of it.

I hope it finds an audience; I hope it finds someone to sit up until the middle of the night, devouring pages.  I hope people are surprised and pleased. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Rabbit isn’t a perfect story. It won’t ever be. Rabbit is exactly what it needs to be to get the point across. It’s time to let it be. I have to put all of our intentions away, say goodbye to those as well. Now Rabbit isn’t ours. It’s for readers.  People will imagine Bevie and Ray and Shurlock John in whatever way they like. I have to put that kind of ownership away, too.

What’s it like to cut your creation loose on the world and give it over to the imaginations of strangers? Have any of you done it before? What’s the best part? What’s the worst? Help me say goodbye to Rabbit.



  1. Sounds somewhat like what a parent feels like when their children launch into the world of adulthood. You just hope you put the right amount of spit and polish on them that they will be kind and care about the world beyond them. You think in retrospect, of all the things you could have done better. Knowing at the time, you did the best you knew how. Then you try to stay out of their way and watch how they make their way. And for some lucky parents, they turn out to be wonderful people. I’m a really lucky parent and oh so proud of you!

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