Rabbit in the Road Sample Cover!

So how about that! Nice, no? This image comes courtesy of Delilah Lane Photography. Fan art already, how fun! I like this image a whole lot.



  1. I find the lack of a head kind of disturbing and depersonalized the piece. I don’t care if it is a real person , a model or a mannequin – what are they doing? I liked the B?W and colour photo together and the pose. I’d be interested to know what impressed you so.

    1. It’s tricky to explain, but the main character is very much a faceless woman. She goes on the run and changes identities often, for the fourteen years the story covers. It was important for us that a face wasn’t ever visible for cover art, because we didn’t want her judged on any standard of attractiveness. That’s something difficult to do with a female character. Usually, covers featuring women are often one or two steps away from cheesecake pin-ups.

      I like the modesty, and the pose communicates just a pause- something is happening before and after this moment. There’s an implied sense of time continuing somehow.

      It should be a little creepy, creepy is good. The story is a just a tiny bit weird-o now and then.

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