Rabbit in the Road

Surprise! I promised that we would reveal the title of the book today, and I don’t like disappointing.  The title of our novella is Rabbit in the Road.

In 1966, there is a record store clerk who loves her life just like it is. One night, on a train, she meets the man who is the key to unlocking her latent psychic abilities, something she never thought possible. She then spends the next fourteen years of her life trying to get away from him by any means necessary.


What’s more, I’m even going to tell you (roughly) when and where you can get it!

Rabbit in the Road will be available for the Amazon Kindle (and all the associated Kindle apps, including Android, PC, Blackberry and more) October 2011. I assure you that it will be an easy on the wallet read. You’ll spend more on your lunch than it will cost to purchase this book. Why, do you ask? Because the story comes FIRST! We’ve crafted (in my opinion), a really great tale and we hope that all of you will enjoy it.

In related news, within the next day or so there will be a facebook page and twitter all set up for you to Like and Follow so you can keep up with all the juicy news the second it develops!

Enjoy, won’t you?

-Oliver and Danika


  1. Hello Dani and Oliver,

    I’ve first opened the email from my phone and I haven’t seen the pic, only the tittle, and I’ve wanted to say: Hummm “Rabbit in the Road, I expected everything except that, what Heaven sake did a rabbit have to do with this story, but the more it’s mysterious, the more we want to read it, in order to know from wher the rabbit come from ? Did the heroine want to eat a meal with rabbit, Can the rabbit be her pet? As it is to difficult to text it from my phone, then I’ve just reopened it from my laptop, and what could I see ?… A rabbit ? No, it’s not a rabbit!! My biologic side speaks and I can assume it’s not a rabbit. In french, there’s “le lièvre” and “le lapin”. The best way to difference both is the ears ans the feet. So chek it if you want, but be careful not to illustrate it with this pic, because it’s a “hare”… and I may be wrong (only 1 chance/100). No problem, you change the pic, that’s all!

    Could this rabbit, in a past life, have said; “What’s up, doc?” (although, BB is a hare) or “Bwwwwwwaaaaaa”?? (but there are really rabbits)

    I would conclue: “everything happens for a reason” (!)

    That’s all folks! :-))

    1. Well Merry,

      That’s an interesting question. That’s actually a jackrabbit, as we would call it.

      Is the title unusual and unexpected? Absolutely. However, in the long scheme of things, the title actually makes complete sense… once you get through the story! I will say this much, however. Rabbit in the Road is a metaphor. For what? I won’t say!

      And no, this isn’t the actual cover of the book, thankfully. We have something being worked on by a really talented artist, Katherine Kelly. I’m pretty excited about what she has in store, and I can attest that the quality of the work will be QUITE high.

  2. A metaphor, that’s it! But as I’m not an english native, I may not understand it at all… But it’s not without counting on my best friend: come on dear Google, I want to ask you something…

    1. Absolutely. It was absolutely critical that the cover art illustrator read completely through the narrative in order to understand the context of what was going on. She’s a huge fan, from top to bottom.

  3. The readers who have finished testing it with us voted it the winner of a few we had chosen. It’s working better and better, as I get used to it. Dumping the working title was hard, but it was just a placeholder.

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