Getting Critical With Test Reader #3

The interview with TR #3. Now, I have to say that Test Reader #3 was probably my FAVORITE test reader. She was amazing! She was fair, observant, critical without being condescending, had AMAZING insight into the world of the narrative. If we had 10 more like her, everything would be DIAMONDS. Read on!
So, you’ve read through the majority of the book, and you’re a woman, roughly the same age as the protagonist when it starts. What are your thoughts on her?

My main thought on her is that I don’t know her as well as I’d like to. I like that she goes through a significant change in personality, but I’d like to know what her personality is more before she starts changing it.

As we know, this story takes place over the course of 14 years. What are your thoughts on how the protagonist changes over that period of time?I think her changes are natural and reasonable. The different feels of the different years is handled quite well.

At one point in time in the story, there’s a rather severe shift in gears and the tone changes in a major way. What are your thoughts on section?

See above! The change in tone is where I think this book really shines.   

Who was your favorite character throughout the narrative?

I really enjoyed Shurlock’s section, but I think the story does a good job of keeping attention on Bevie.

What character did you like the least?

I think Ray made a great antagonist.

What was something about the story that you really enjoyed, and wished there was more of?

Without harping on about it, since we’ve discussed this in great length: Character background development for Bevie.

What was something about the story that you disliked, and wish there was less of?

Definitely the amount of names used for the special  powers.

For you, what was the most defining moment of the story?

The rescue of the sick girl was a real turning point in her strength of will, which I seriously enjoyed.

What would you think of more stories, but not necessarily related to THIS story, taking place in this particular world?

I think it’s a good idea. The only thing I would suggest avoiding is a number of different characters with powers going through a similar circumstance. It runs the risk of becoming X-Men fanfiction.

In your opinion, what do you think is the appropriate reading age for this story, and why?

15+, it’s an older young-adult book, if that makes sense.

On the subject of gender, do you feel that this is a story that is appropriate for both men and women to read, and enjoy? Or do you feel it is more geared towards a specific gender? And why?

I think it could definitely work for both male and female readers.

Overall, how was the experience of reading this book different from other books you have read in the same genre?

Like I said, the ability to have distinct tones without losing the thread of the story something that many books try unsuccessfully, but you’ve accomplished.  

And finally, are there any other thoughts you had about the story? Anything goes!

Bring on the next draft!


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