In The Vein

Oliver gave me some homework.  He told me to write about what kind of content I like to consume.

I immediately thought of Julia Cameron’s The Vein of Gold.  She talks to creators about how to figure out what you like, what turns you on, in order to find that sweet spot where your work will be the most true to you, most relevant to others.

Then I had that weird blank moment. What do I like?

I like slipstream- Ghostbusters, Time Bandits.  I like the world behind the world, The Talisman, Imajica, even Big Trouble in Little China.

I like stories of awakening, but rarely stories about revealing royal or magical origins.

I like the Wall, reading about characters, normal people shoved right up to it. I like worlds where the wall is different than ours, but the characters are not so different from ours, like Gattaca, Equilibrium. I love to see people at the end of their rope, making crazy decisions and taking risks.

I like old stories and new stories, so long as where they’re coming from makes sense. I love a good documentary, learning something new about people, or just reinforcing what’s universal about us all.

I like adventure, driven, thrilling, tear-you-up adventure, like Captain Alatriste  or The Three Musketeers.

I like deep, bizarre worlds, like Arrakis in Dune or The Fugue, from Weaveworld.

If I could choose my own creation, I’d be the misbegotten love child of China Mieville and Clive Barker, and raised from infancy by Elmore Leonard. I’d spend summers on my uncle Philip K. Dick’s farm, work weekends in Theodore Sturgeon’s candy shop. I’d date David Sedaris in high school, but we’d grow apart somehow. I’d eventually marry Margaret Atwood. We’d divorce, but stay friends. I’d meet Dave Eggers and have a wild affair and then I would write and write and write, and it would be glorious.

I don’t have that kind of magical, impossible history. I’m just the girl who hid Pet Sematary behind her math book in third grade, reading like crazy when she was supposed to learn long division. I’m the girl who wrote long lists of what she would be when she grew up, and it always started with “writer”.  I’m just someone slogging their way through a story of love and addiction and magic and hatred, who can’t wait to show it to you.


So tell me, what’s golden for you? What lights you up, sets you ablaze with that inner fire? Comment below.



  1. i spent about a billion hours (or 45 seconds in rt) elaborating on this on another post on this blog or page or whatever, so i’ll keep this one short and sweet 🙂 give me something real. real pain. real excitement. real disgust. real. raw. brutally honest.

    1. So, Reservoir Dogs, which I adore, and The Departed, which is also entirely baller… what else makes you go crazy? Did you dig on The Town, or was there too much love story in there for you? What about Public Enemies? Did that do it for you? Or was there too much Hollywood going on?

      Do you like to read the same types of books as the movies you like? Or something entirely different?

  2. i haven’t seen the town yet but i want to REALLY badly!! you say “too much love story,” but i don’t think it’s possible too have too much of ANYthing… if it serves a meaningful purpose. i’m a huge fan of love stories. wait, let me back up. fantastic and original love stories. i’m sick of knowing whats going to happen in a movie (or a book, tv show, song, etc). surprise me! if you’ll let me be a little bit of a hypocrite and therefore a lotta bit cliche… life is full of surprises. easy media is not. when you’re six years old, it’s okay to read books that all end the same, to watch movies that all follow the plot line you learn in 8th grade. you’re young, you don’t understand the way life works. you have to be spoonfed everything. well i’m not 6 anymore and i’m sick of being spoonfed. i want to feel uneasy. i want to be sad. angry. terrified. nothing good comes from being to comfortable. except a good orgasm. i need a challenge. i need something that isnt spelled out for me. i got really… “inebriated” the other day and watched the original fast and furious for the first time since i was like 12 years old. it absolutely blew my mind. the script was like the character notes from a play. they literally explained every piece of so-called symbolism that was already disgustingly blatant to anyone that paid attention in freshman english. they left absolutely NO ROOM for viewer interpretation. it was gross. but i’m going to leave that alone for now because this is supposed to be what i like and i keep going back to what i hate lol. public enemies was the shit! it was very much a major hollywood motion picture. VERY hollywood. but that’s okay sometimes. it was based on a true story. they did EXACTLY what they set out to do, take a good story and hollywood it up.
    books!!!! i learned to read at a very young age and grew up as a very avid reader. one of my favorite series’ when i was young were the magic treehouse books. they are incredible. two young children going on fantastic adventures while LEARNING about other cultures, time periods, groups of people, etc. an author is limited by only ONE thing. his/her own creativity. thats what i love about fiction.there are absolutely NO limits. neal shusterman and william sleator are two of my favorite authors. they write out of this world stories in a manner that makes you scared to turn off the lights and make you wonder whats so real about reality. fantasy/sci-fi/horror. that is MY SHIT. stephen king is a masterful wordsmith. i started reading IT in 8th grade but never finished it because i got THAT terrified. i finished dreamcatcher, but only barely. its easy to see fake blood on a silver screen and LOL at it. but when you’ve got mister grey trying to take over your brain FROM INSIDE IT?! you’re fucked. proper fucked.
    i’m rambling again, so i’m gonna take a few deep breaths and shut the hell up 🙂

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