Pushing the Boundary

This is, as these tend to be, the obligatory “FIRST!” post.

Now that we all have the internet out of our system, I’m just going to cover the basics for now.  As per the titling of this blog (which will, I assure you, get fleshed out more in the coming days, weeks, months, and hopefully years) , this blog is about writing fiction from both a male and female perspective.

Specifically, it is from the perspective of myself, a fella, and my writing partner, Danika. We won’t be using this space to talk about unnecessary rubbish and other tripe: There are plenty of other sites and assorted tools for acting a fool on the internet. This is not that space.  I believe that we have some very fresh things to discuss and share with the rest of the world here with our particular writing method that you can hopefully take away with you. Along with that, we will also be able to show you what the process is like while we go about finishing up our first collaborative literary work, hopefully out and finished before the end of this year. Are you excited? I certainly am.

So, to quote a good friend:

“Enjoy, won’t you?”


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